Upcoming Actions

Scientist Rebellion is joining the mass blockade against fossil subsidies, on March 2nd in Berlin

Come to our info meeting on Thursday 22nd February 8pm to learn more and join the action with us!

💰 Every year, the German government spends billions of euros of taxpayers money in tax breaks and subventions to industries and activities that aggravate the climate crisis. Recent studies estimated that at least 48 billion euros are directed to the fossil sectors, with the biggest beneficiary being aviation, and 65 billion euros to environmentally damaging sectors more generally.

🌱 Fossil subsidies artificially cheapen climate-damaging modes of transportation and production, leading to further escalation of the climate crisis, and withhold the funds that could enable a faster and fairer transition.

🔥 The German government has been repetitively promising to phase out fossil fuel subsidies. The first promise was made at the G7 in 2009, and has been repeated nearly every year, on the international stage and at home. The climate crisis requires urgent, concrete action, no empty promises. 

Join us on March 2nd to remind the German government of their promises and demand an end to fossil subsidies!