Time is running out.

The climate catastrophe is accelerating, and our push for change must grow similarly rapidly in order to address the escalating challenges. At this point, this means that SR actions and infrastructure can only be upheld with adequate funding. Many of our activists work tirelessly, often risking arrest and imprisonment in order to spread awareness of the climate crisis and push governments towards enacting meaningful change.

Your donation will help us to finance our actions, and to support activists who face financial repressions.

Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated. We are especially grateful for monthly donations, as they allow us to plan our yearly budget better. We receive and spend our funds transparently via open collective – please decide when donating whether you want to support the platform directly by ticking or unticking the “platform tip” box. If you wish to stay informed about the actions you are supporting with your donation, you are welcome to register to our newsletter.

If you want to specifically donate to support people from SR Germany facing financial repressions connected to their actions, please click here

Donations are possible without registering an account at the platform, and also anonymously.