QR-code – blinded or gagged statue – IPCC

Graphs showing the global warming projections until 2100, for different scenarios of implemented policies and actions

You have come across this page because you scanned the QR code on a sign hanging by a blindfolded or gagged statue. The text on the blindfold reads “IPCC” and refers to reports on climate change put together by hundreds of scientists around the world in order for political actors to make informed decisions and act according to scientific facts pertaining to climate change and its consequences.

You can consult the IPCC reports at: https://www.ipcc.ch/reports/

The IPCC reports have been released regularly over the past decade, but policy-makers have never seriously followed-up on the scientific reality and on the transformative scenarios proposed in the reports. Neither the media nor the civil society have reacted strongly enough to trigger the change that is needed. While we as Europeans view ourselves as reasonable, grounded problem solvers, we are in fact ignoring the extent of the problem, and not acting on it the way we should – and it is becoming bigger, and growing more unmanageable, if we keep ignoring it!

Why are we doing this?

Statues erected in the public space express recognition of a political, economical, artistic influence on our society. They represent people who symbolise a form of power. By blindfolding them, we want to denounce how influential personae keep ignoring the reality of the climate and biodiversity crises as well as the transformative solutions proposed in the IPCC reports. Some statues of scientists are gagged, as symbol of their scientific alarm raising being ignored for decades.

Why should you care?

The most effective means of achieving systemic change in modern history is through non-violent civil resistance. To name a few: Gandhi’s Civil disobedience movement in India, Claudette Colvin & Rosa Parks (and many more) fighting against segregation in the United States. We call on academics, scientists and the public to join us in civil disobedience to demand emergency decarbonisation and degrowth, facilitated by wealth redistribution.

Who are we?

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