Solidarity Fasting

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We stand in solidarity with "Hungern bis ihr ehrlich seid!"

Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick and Richard Cluse are on an indefinite hunger strike. Wolfgang has been on strike for over a month, Richard for over two weeks. 

We don’t want to lose them. And we support their demands.

They are calling on the Federal Chancellor to state the following simple truths in a government statement:

  • The human civilisation is extremely endangered by the climate catastrophe.
  • The CO₂ content in the air is far too high (0.42‰). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows a pathway (SSP1-1.9 “1.5° pathway”) that gives humanity the best chance of survival.
  • This path has a target value of 0.35‰ (by the year 2150). This means that there are already hundreds of gigatonnes too much CO₂ in the air.
  • We must now radically change course, albeit years late.

All information about their campaign can be found here:

Please also join!

In solidarity and to make their demands heard, we are fasting for 1 to 2 days at a time and abstaining from solid food. A few of us are doing this together with the hunger strikers in the camp in Berlin, but most of us are fasting from home.

So far we are about 30 people from the groups Scientist Rebellion, Last Generation, Extinction Rebellion, Christian Rebellion, Nein&Amen and also people from outside the climate movement.

You are also cordially invited to take part in our solidarity fasting days if you want an honest statement from Olaf Scholz.

How can I join?

First of all, fasting for 1 or 2 days (not eating solid food, drinking only water, tea and perhaps fruit or vegetable juice) should not be a problem for healthy people. If you have a medical condition (e.g. a metabolic disease such as diabetes), you should consult your GP before fasting.

If you decide to support the demands of Wollie and Richie, who are on hunger strike, please let us know.

We need to make your support visible so that it reaches public attention and ultimately Olaf Scholz. Social media is a public place and therefore we want to post about your support there.

Please send us either:

a) a video statement in which you explain why you are fasting. This video should not be longer than 2:20. Vertical is better than horizontal.

b) a picture of you and a voice message with your statement. We would make a video out of this.

c) a picture of you and your statement as written text. We would also create a video from this.

Please remember not to reveal too much of yourself (it is the internet after all) and not too little (we need to show that you are a real person, especially if you don’t send a video). You could start your statement with something like “I’m Jens and I live in Hessen” instead of saying exactly where you’re from.

It would be nice if your statement ended with the line “Muten Sie den Menschen endlich die Wahrheit zu und seien Sie ehrlich, Herr Scholz!”.

You can also use this statement:

“Heute habe ich nur einen Zettel auf dem Teller/in der Brotdose. Ich hungere aus Solidarität mit Wolli und Richie. Sie hungern für eine ehrliche Anerkennung der wissenschaftlichen Fakten durch unseren Bundeskanzler. (Papier wird auseinander gefaltet) Hier steht: die von Wolli und Richie präsentierten Fakten sind wissenschaftlich korrekt. Auch die Forderung nach Ehrlichkeit ist wissenschaftlich angebracht. Wir brauchen diese Ehrlichkeit für die notwendige Veränderung und die Bewältigung der Klimakatastrophe. Muten sie den Menschen endlich die Wahrheit zu und seien sie ehrlich, Herr Scholz!”

(to explain: Wollie and Richie publish videos every day in which they open a lunch box, but instead of unwrapping something to eat, there are only scientific facts, which they then read out)

Please keep in mind that people’s attention spans can be very short. Therefore, a shorter video is better than a longer one.

Please send your video/image/text by e-mail to

Everyone can join. You don't need to be active in any climate justice group.

All videos here